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Gestalt - Mezuniyet Projesi / Senior Project


The project formed from an observation when I participated to 1st and 2nd year project juries during my senior year. I found out many students were unaware of the Gestalt principles that we had been taught in order to establish unity within design. I wanted to show that these principles are very easy to understand and utilize.

The logotype consists of multiple black circles that form a capital G, which refers to the principle "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts".
The theme for the advertising campaign -the posters, billboard and the video- is a mock replica of the TV infomercials where a presenter is situated in front of a live audience and demonstrate the usage of the product such as a knife -which does not require any demonstration for the consumer to understand its usage since it is not a unique product.
The Booklet emphasizes the Gestalt laws of grouping such as proximity, similarity, closure, symmetry and continuity, using photos, text alignment and graphic elements on the page.